Let’s tell truths.


We create brand voices, messaging and stories – for UX and print.

Personality. Messaging. Tone. From traditional media to new frontiers in digital, the ingredients are largely the same if you want to appear consistent - yet different - to a world of 'why-should-we-even-bother' customers.

We've earned our reputation by delivering higher levels of trust, empathy, and meaning to over 198 brands. We'll work with you to forge new paths in digital and customer experience – using nothing but the power of words.


We Offer


Analysis + Discovery

To explore the competition, and help you stand apart.


Brand Voice

To help you sound different, but always consistent.


UX + Social

To put the customer at the centre of everything you do and say.


Writing Workshops

To ensure you embed your voice across your business.

Analysis + Discovery


To have a unique voice, first you need to listen.

We analyse competitor voices using powerful, but simple tools; looking in depth not just at what they're saying, but how they’re saying it. That means putting our 'customer hats' on and reading everything we can get our hands on.

From websites and brochures, to emails and Facebook posts, we look for areas of inspiring opportunity (that goes for internal comms too). We deliver our findings in a 90-minute presentation, and a nice shiny document.


Brand Voice Creation


Using our heads to speak your mind.

The half-day workshop is where the real magic happens. It's here we'll extract what we need from you so we can create a unique brand voice in return. You can invite up to 20 people from your business to enjoy a 'risk-free' zone.

The workshop is designed to be both fun and hard work. It runs through a mixture of current trends in language, your market context, and lots of powerful hands-on exercises, using our world-class language tools...


Brand Voice Tools


Because nobody loves talking to a ‘corporation’.

People make social. Not logos. KPIs. Or brand 'ideas'. We'll help you channel your authentic voice to converse in ways that help your customers get stuff done. Faster. Simpler. And with a lot less hassle than they felt before.

User Experience means everything to us. Why? Because if you put people at the heart of what you do - it's really easy to have authentic and honest conversations. In return, they'll likely stay with you over the long run. 


What’s in our brand voice toolbox?


30 Second Website

Who are you? What do you do?
For who? And... why?


On Your Level

How can a single voice work across diverse audiences?


Voice Boxes

What are your basic writing rules?


UX Dials

What would you like your customers to think and feel about you?


Off The Radar

Where can your voice resonate the loudest?


Let's Get Social

How does your brand voice work on social media?


Workshops + Support


You’re never too cool for school.

So. You've had the workshop and you love your new brand voice. But then the questions start. "How does this help us?", "Explain personality traits again?", or, maybe even "Legal and Risk hate this already..." (True story.)

Yep. We've seen and heard them all before. That's why we offer hands-on, fun and practical writing workshops to bring your brand voice to life across the business - using examples relevant to individual roles. Even Legal and Risk.



We’re the oldest new kids on the block.


Scott Lawrie  |  Founder and CEO


VoiceBoxed was established in 2015 by Scott Lawrie, an early pioneer of brand voice in the UK, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. Building on a 10-year writing background in advertising and branding, Scott founded the first dedicated brand voice agency in the Southern hemisphere in October, 2005.

Today, Scott lives in New Zealand and regularly travels overseas working with global clients, including leading brand strategy and business consultancies, and agency partners. He is supported by a team of world-class writers.


Scott has worked on major brand strategy and language projects with over 190 of the world's leading brands, covering a multitude of markets, industries, and sectors. These include:

Holden (GM), IKEA, Philips, QANTAS, Sunglass Hut, BBC, Toyota, Vodafone, Chorus (NZ), 2Degrees, Canon, Breville, Westpac, Deloitte, Optus, PWC, Virgin, NAB, Subaru, InterContinental Hotels, Kiwibank, Vero, CBA, Carsales.com.au, NZ Trade & Enterprise, Tourism NZ, BT Funds Management, MYOB, Hannahs, and more.